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Objects of special interest

These pages contain notes about objects chosen from the Museum collection.

Please select a picture or button to the right for notes about an object.

Medals Awarded to Frederick Maxwell Veness

Medals awarded to Frederick Maxwell Veness, MM

A gallant soldier of Australian Artillery.

Portrait of Alfred Spencer Heathcote

Portrait of Alfred Spencer Heathcote, VC

An Indian Mutiny recipient of the Victoria Cross who also gave military and civilian public service to Queensland and New South Wales.

Medals awarded to Henry Jones

Medals awarded to Henry Mitchell Jones, VC

A Crimean War recipient of the Victoria Cross who became a career diplomat.

Medals awarded to Henry Forster

Medals awarded to Henry Forster

An infantry sergeant in the Peninsular War and at the Battle of Waterloo who became a gaol governor in New South Wales.

Pillbox cap owned by Henry Green

Pillbox cap owned by Henry Green

The first soldier to enlist in the New South Wales Artillery.

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